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Classify your freight correctly by doing it through an expert

When it comes to LTL shipping and other freight services, having your freight classified is important – or so you’ve heard. But why exactly is it so important and what does it entail?

Well, a classification number is generally assigned to identify every LTL freight shipment. This number first and foremost identifies the nature of the product that needs to be transported. By knowing the type of product they’re handling, the company you have hired to transport it will know exactly how your freight needs to be handled, packed and shipped. In other words, it identifies the freight class your products fall into. This will also tell them if the product is fragile or if it needs to be stored in an air-controlled unit. These are the type of things that need to be considered to ensure that your shipment is handled correctly by your freight services provider and arrives intact. The classification number will also tell you what price category your shipment falls into.

In order to find the right classification number for your freight, you have to know what your product’s commodity type is and the exact dimensions of your shipment – namely weight, height, width and length. When it comes to certain products, like building materials, this is easy – but what if you want to have something delivered that does not fall into the general categories of LTL shipping? How do you classify your product then? What if your freight gets the wrong classification number and is damaged because of it? This could be a costly mistake.

If you want to avoid making these types of mistakes, why not hire an experienced logistics company like National Quality Logistics to classify your products for you? Not only will they ensure that your freight receives the right classification number, but they will also take care of any other freight services that you require. So, don’t risk getting it wrong – rather contact a company that knows all the inns and outs of LTL shipping.

If LTL shipping is giving you nightmares, hire experienced hands

Rest assured, you are not alone – LTL shipping has caused many sleepless nights for all types of business owners. Hiring a company that is new on the shipping scene may have seemed like a good idea at the time because they were cheap, but now you are lying awake, staring at the ceiling and being haunted by questions like: Did I hire the right carrier? Is my truck freight safe? Will it arrive on time and intact? What if there is a breakdown? What if the handlers loading and unloading my freight are careless? What if…?

You don’t need this kind of stress. You need to focus your energy on all the other aspects of running your business. You can’t afford to worry about deliveries on top of everything else and you shouldn’t have to. What you need is an experienced logistics company that knows everything there is to know about LTL shipping.

By hiring an experienced service provider, you’ll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that delivery deadlines will be met and that your product will reach your clients in perfect condition. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Well-trained handlers will be loading and unloading your freight.
  2. The right type of vehicle will be used to transport your freight and only properly licensed and reliable drivers will do the driving.
  3. A professional mechanic will be on 24-hour standby in case of a breakdown and if the problem can’t be fixed in time a backup vehicle will be sent.

These are guarantees that can only be delivered by an experienced logistics company that knows how important reliable LTL shipping is. The new kids on the block that you hire on your own are likely to make a lot of promises that they don’t have the capacity or experience to keep, will be unable to take unforeseen circumstances into account and then make a lot of excuses when something goes wrong.

So, for the sake of a good night’s rest and general peace of mind, rather hire an experienced logistics company like National Quality Logistics that knows all about LTL shipping. For more information, contact us today.