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Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping and Carrier Services

NQLogistics provides a full array of cost-effective LTL solutions with unrivaled customer service and outstanding web-based management tools. We have access to the industry’s top LTL carriers at exceptional delivered pricing. From a single transaction to a complete logistics solution, we handle every aspect of the process for our customers: From up-front benefit analysis and planning through implementation; from order confirmation and carrier selection/dispatch through real-time tracking and access to critical shipment data via our web-native transportation management system.

If you are looking for superior-quality, customized services for freight shipping, look no further.  At National Quality Logistics, we are prepared to do everything we can to ease the process of needed transport of goods, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Whether you need transportation services for LTL freight shipping, truckload shipping, or emergency expedited shipping, you can count on us to get the job done right—and on time.  Let us simplify things by offering a number of flexible options that are reliable, economical, and personalized for the needs of your company.

LTL Freight Shipping and Tracking

Less than load (LTL) shipping processes may sometimes seem to be over-complicated and unreliable.  Not with National Quality Logistics.  Our team has all of the experience, tools, and equipment needed to make your LTL shipping and tracking as seamless as possible.  Take advantage of our honest pricing, efficient transportation, and comprehensive tracking system.

Offering the best combination of price and service throughout all of the US, we specialize in coast to coast freight services, NQL guarantees the safe and efficient transport of goods—every time.

Our LTL services include:

  • Personalized customer service through single point of contact (we will know your business!)
  • Top quality Local, Regional, Interregional, and National carriers
  • Expedited and Time-Definite services
  • Additional savings through volume or spot based pricing

In addition to managing standard LTL services, NQLogistics also offers:

  • Partial Truckload Service: for some LTL shipments, this is the perfect solution. Here, shipments are picked up, transported, and delivered on the same unit with no interim offloading or additional handling. Partial truckload service can often result in faster service and reduced costs as compared to traditional LTL services. Please note: our LTL and TL departments ¬always compare options to make sure you’re getting the best service and pricing options!
  • Load-to-Ride Services: similar to Partial Truckload service, freight moves directly from origin to destination without handling, resulting in reduced transit times. We can often move your freight coast-to-coast in three days or less (why pay an air freight forwarder more?)
  • Flatbed: Partial Truckload and LTL on flatbed or other open-top equipment

Truckload Shipping

For any small to midsize business with occasional or ongoing shipping needs, NQL offers simplified solutions with a highly professional touch.  Working with thousands of freight carriers all over the nation, we are able to secure the best truckloads, rates, and service for our customers.  With a team experienced in careful handling and attention to detail, NQL focuses on every customer’s unique needs in order to produce the valuable and efficient results you deserve.

Besides the standard truckload freight services you expect, National Quality Logistics also offers Intermodal, Flatbed, and Partial Truckload Services.  Doubled with the accuracy of our web-based tracking system, you can expect safe and timely delivery of all of your items.

Expedited Shipping

Sometimes, standard shipping times are simply not good enough.  When critical shipments must be made in an advanced timeline, we can help to simplify the process for you – and ensure that your items arrive on time, as scheduled.  Here at NQL, we believe in personalized freight services, and are committed to working side by side with you to determine the most efficient shipping options available.

Expedited shipping in the air or on the ground is available to clients who just can’t afford to stall those last-minute freight shipments.  Instead of wasting time searching through all the possible shipping options available through multiple carriers, you can rely on us to simplify the process, and still help you achieve the best results for the price.