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Field Tech Services

Field Tech Services

NQL is the premier provider of time sensitive logistics services.  NQL recognized the need for strategically placed field personal that possess the aptitude to perform specific, technical tasks.  Our network flexibility and national reach allow you to successfully complete all of your long and short term field challenges, while realizing a sensitivity to cost.

Services Provided by NQL Field Techs: 

  • Nationwide telecom call testing, benchmarking, custom data collection and quality reporting.
  • Precise placement and retrieval of data collection and visual monitoring equipment.
  • Visual field inspections of remote equipment locations.

NQL Field Tech Profile:

  • Professional, tech savvy in CDMA, GSM/2G, UMTS/3G, LTE/4G compatible telecom equipment.
  • Understand the importance of being professional, detailed and reliable.
  • Have the verbal skills and ability to adapt to your specific industry terminology.
  • Possess technical aptitude for learning new project requirements quickly.

Let NQL simplify the sourcing and scheduling of call testing personnel and field engineering services.  Our national network is available 24/7 to every zip-code in the contiguous U.S. Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Save money by assigning trained local personnel to meet your every field challenge; no more temporary employees, training costs, employee turnover, travel expenses or per diems.  We will partner with your organization to create a customized, confidential field network specifically designed and trained to exceed all of your project requirements.

Our ‘Field Assist’ scheduling tool will organize and monitor multiple field events and personnel.  Together we will create and achieve quality metrics, and provide custom data mining and reporting to support all of your project initiatives.

NQL is your seamless and trusted solution for all of your field service requirements.